On the roaD


Last week I was on the road which led me near you. You didn’t know that ofcourse but still I wondered if you heard me like a fading signal in the distance. And wondered what you were doing then or if you are happy at all. I wished then the road took me away with a little smile on my face.

Above all thaT


Living in a city full of dreams, you know that beyond all that roads and above all that dreams there is something you still can feel but can’t touch. It may be a debt which will be paid in time, but still you wonder. It is like seeing a city in distance and wondering about it or seeing a storm coming in at full speed. The idea passes you and you live your life just as the same, but that doesn’t mean it is not the truth.

Traveling towards heaveN (part: Arrival)


So we arrive the island of our dreams. But than again, the grass isn’t greener on this side… The grass isn’t even green on this side, the storm we brag about overcoming was not about us at all, it sweeps the island and leaves it just barren and while the storm leaves it takes the road with it. So we end our traveling on our island, alone and without any understanding of the real question. Now we look towards the open sea and try to imagine the main land and the ever-green shore…

Traveling towards heaveN (part: JourneY)


Then we take the road. The road then becomes the journey. The journey then will define us and will mature us. It is the question that keeps us going and the reward we expect. When the road ends we take the stormy seas.


We never ask wheter our ship can stand the gathering storm or wheter the storm is a gentle sign. We push forward without caring. The journey goes forward.


When we arrive the first thing we do is look back and brag about our accomplishments. It is not a easy thing to overcome the gathering storms and other perils. So ends our journey and we left the main land for our island…

Traveling towards heaveN (part: beginning the journey)


We move constantly in our lives. We always work hard for something, we look for someone to love, for a place to live, for a job etc. It is the time that passes we call life. And once in a great while we come to a green shore. With the wind in our face so fresh and the sound of the waves, there is only one question remaining. Is the grass greener on the other side. So we travel towards the island in the middle of the sea while leaving everything behind… So the storm gathers…

MissinG (part II)



Then the time passes more violently like a storm, playing with you in its palm of waves. In that storm there are moments of clarity when your stream of consciousness just breaks and you feel emptied. The world becomes old and gray. It keeps following the billion years old orbit and ignores you. Then you see yourself just flowing through…

MissinG (part I)



It is a burning feeling missing someone (or something). First you feel that it burns you within and turns you into ash. In that ash you see a road and a home. Ideas ride down that road and as the time passes you become an observer who just stands there and watches the past as a sun sets down a road in distance.

Sea of citY


The city flows without you understanding it. It is a sea of emotions, ideas, touches your soul and changing you forever. With its guardians all over, you are just an another fish, lost in the deep. Maybe you don’t know but the sea knows and it embraces you, for you are a part of it and it never judges…

Lady in reD


Waiting there while I was photographing, this old lady in red came out of nowhere and started chating with my friend about many things and old times. She seemed lonely with great stories to tell. We never figured about her loneliness and what she was going to do, in the end she left my friend with “so don’t let me keep you” and gone her way. One can see loneliness take many shapes, including human form. I hope she is ok…

One of those momentS

ootmIt is one of those moments, you feel distant and alone waiting on a pier and boats full of people pass you by. There is no hurry now. You may have a pretty good idea why you are alone there that moment but does that change anything ? Watching the city watching you, what do you think ? Or wht do you say ? To yourself ? Well… You know, it is one of those moments…

You with your mask oN



We are all living our lives with our masks on…. It is the ruins we leave behind while we search for the emerald city.And still we do not recognize it is ourselves that we destroy with every wrong doing. So… Did we become kings ?

Not welcome to heaveN



What would you say ? “I do deserve!” ?… It is a little puzzle, in which you search for your answer after you screwed up your puzzle… So what will be the answer ?

Searching Evergreen


When should your soul know you are free ? When you can see no bounds ? When someone you love sees no bounds ?When you are no longer in picture ? When ?

Time to get ouT



Do we know when to get out or even to forget ? Do we even see the clock still ticking above our heads ? Do you even know what “to know” means ? Then what time is the right time to get out ? Walking past the “ever waiting door” ? Are we left with all the question marks ? The irony…

Faces in IstanbuL



This scene has been seen by million faces in Istanbul. When you look into it, you see the past in current time and you also become the observer observed. While the city flows through people, people become the scene and the city blurs the line between the real and the photograph.


You knock on the door for someone to answer. With the door shut you get all the answers you want if you care to listen. Just like the question is the integral part of the answer, the city smiles behind its shut doors, that is  one face of the Istanbul.


Happy new yeaR

First of all may you be the star of your new year, and never give up caring about yourself and the ones you love.


In the new year, may you travel to new places which has a lot to offer to you and make you see beauty.


May you search for the puzzles and like Mr. Ian Anderson gracefully put “We find a speck of truth in each riddle”.


Naturally have fun and drink responsibbly, but still never lose a moment :)

hny4Always have something good to listen to. When the music moves you, it never will be wrong…


And always enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and take moments of your day to see what goes around you.

So I hope you all have a good new year with the ones you love…

DanceR (Part III)

Then the dancer pushes the smoke as she moves on the stage. That moment you cannot tell the difference between anything, the music, the dance, the dancer… Her love for dance, the story the musicians relling, and the flow of the dance are what you see.



The guitars and the vocals giving the you the background of the story. The story which you are writing is embodied in front of you and the main actors are on stage. Everything is ready, all you have to do is sit there and watch.

dim2With old rhythms and new moves, you see your story told by others. Then suddenly everything stops, you feel sad for a moment, then you see it stopped to begin again…


DanceR (Part II)



Watching someone dance is like embodiment of the music. It flows if both the music and the dancer flow. There comes every kind of story from the stage, you get to stand there and watch it.



Whenever the dancer is good, she is not herself, rather she dissolves in music and becomes a figment of your imagination. Just another line in the story which surrounds you and takes you to a different place where you look and see yourself in a completely stranger.

DanceR (Part I)

I was at a dance show of my friend. I remembered lines from from William Butler Yeats:
How can we know the dancer from the dance?

They were dancing flamenco, music was fun and it was true, you cannot tell the dancer from the dance. She became the dance and the music, kind but not weak and fluent but not without form.


When the dance was over, she looked at me without knowing I was there and they let the music go but the photographs remained.

A frienD



Don’t you have at least one friend that you forgot, but still miss ? You know she is there, but cannot talk to her, in time it appears as if you you cannot remember. Still the idea always follows you anywhere and gives you little clues about the answers. And while you were waiting for the answers, the rains come. It is then, when you are looking to the storm and about to curse your luck, you see a friend in white, fly across the sky, unbounded and free…


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